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First Piece SOLD!

I am in love with the Sun … even in the shadows I know how the Sun feels about me— a constant pulsing heat— the humming thrum of melanin magic being activated.

Last week, on April 7th it was a spectacular day. The rareness of a 70 degree day in Seattle wasn’t missed by many. I was sitting on the little patio in front of Vermillion Art Gallery when a tall, nice-looking Black man stopped to greet me. I haven’t been hit on in so long I can’t tell what was happening but I would like it noted that I looked like shit from the intensity of installing MOTHERLAND with nary a sleep or a food … but I must have been grinning my ass off in the sunshine because he accompanied me inside and saw this series (called ANCESTORS*) and bought this piece right off of the floor as we hadn’t quite hung them on the walls yet. Anyway, he has great taste aesthetically and if he was only trying to get my number, buying an original work of art is definitely more impressive than buying me a drink (just FYI).


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