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Detroit native, Dani Tirrell, is a dancer, performer, choreographer and dance educator. Most recently Dani’s work, Black Bois, was shown at On The Boards in Seattle, WA. Tirrell describes his work saying, “This dance piece … is a ceremony to our ancestors, and a thanksgiving to our past, present, and future. It is a love letter to our bodies, our spirits, and our minds. This is the story of our fathers, brothers, lovers, and friends. A healing space, a space to process, a space to love, a space to create and be.”

He and his partner, Marlon Brown, have infused these bottles with their no-drama love and commitment. Marlon Brown is a black man, brother, uncle, father, friend, confidant, warrior, project management consultant and owner of Bessie’s Cakes.

Dani Tirrell & Marlon Brown have *infused* the SKY collection of 12 light blue Black Joy ritual objects. Each ritual object includes a unique meditation on their Black Joy and an original ritual meant to amplify your own joy.

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