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"It's all about the team."

-Chris Ivey, Editor/HyperboyMedia

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"Listen, after the way this whole thing started, I feel like we're family at this point tbh."

-Dante Barger, Editor/Original Dante

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On Collaboration, Co-Creation +Power

What I love about collaboration is the element of surprise-- the leap of faith that together, something beautiful and unexpected can make way. So many people have helped me practice the mutual act of surrendering to trust that comes with any true collaboration, but the creative dynamos I've worked with on Sites of Power make me excited to do more. Black people and Black talent are often overlooked and undervalued outside of the Black Imagination. But here, together, we are undeniably powerful. In the midst of a pandemic requiring social distancing, it has been life-saving to co-create the 20+ videos, 2 galleries, and 100+ audio tracks that are included in this exhibition with  Jay O'Leary Woods, Sydney Foster, Dante Barger, and Chris Ivey. Whenever this many Black creatives do anything together, it is kinda magical. It was absolute joy to connect with them as family. We are power.

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