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Brian Broome is a black, gay man, who is quite candid about being in recovery from alcohol and drug addition-- he has joy to spare and share. He is a writer and Leroy K. Irvis Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh. His work can be found in Creative Nonfiction, Hippocampus and Longreads. For more, please visit

"There have been moments of solitude and silence when I have literally taken my right hand, placed it over my left shoulder, and patted myself on the back for surviving small-town Ohio. And if you are a black person from small-town Ohio, you deserve it, too. Go ahead. Do it now. Pat yourself on the back and be proud that you are still standing upright. Because, I may be biased, but I am fully confident that the entire state of Ohio is nothing but a racist cesspool."-from Public Source 

Brian Broome has *infused* the CLARITY collection of 12 clear Black Joy ritual objects. Each ritual object includes a unique meditation on Brian's Black Joy and an original ritual meant to amplify your own joy.

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